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  Fixings and Fasteners

We can supply a vast range of stainless fixings, which can be delivered to you by the
next day in grade 304 or 316. Call us on 0117 9372846 and we will be able to help with our extensive knowledge!

Slotted Countersunk Screw

Slotted Pan Head Screw

Grub Screw

Socket Head Button Screw

Pozidriv Countersunk Screw

Pozidriv Pan Head Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Countersunk Screw

Self-tapping Slotted
Countersunk Screw

Self-tapping Pozidriv
Countersunk Screw

Self-tapping Slotted
Pan Head Screw

Self-tapping Pozidriv
Pan Head Screw

Hex Head Set Screw

Hex Head Bolt

Coach Bolt

Dome Screw

Nyloc Nut

Plain Nut

Wing Nut

Dome Nut

Plain Washer

Spring Washer

Penny Washer

Pop Rivets
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