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Adjustable Levelling Feet - Nylon Base
Adjustable Levelling Feet - Nylon Base
Adjustable Levelling Feet - Nylon Base

Adjustable Levelling Feet – Nylon Base

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Adjustable Levelling Feet – Nylon Base

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Adjustable Levelling Foot with a Reinforced Nylon Base and a 303 Grade Stainless Steel Stud.


These feet have 20° of articulation to help level something on uneven surfaces.

Maximum Recommended Load – 300kg


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41mm x 40mm x ø6, 43mm x 50mm x ø6, 61mm x 40mm x ø6, 63mm x 50mm x ø6, 46mm x 40mm x ø8, 48mm x 50mm x ø8, 61mm x 40mm x ø8, 63mm x 50mm x ø8, 81mm x 40mm x ø8, 83mm x 50mm x ø8, 59mm x 40mm x ø10, 61mm x 50mm x ø10, 81mm x 40mm x ø10, 83mm x 50mm x ø10, 96mm x 40mm x ø10, 98mm x 50mm x ø10, 73mm x 40mm x ø12, 75mm x 50mm x ø12, 98mm x 40mm x ø12, 100mm x 50mm x ø12, 123mm x 40mm x ø12, 125mm x 50mm x ø12, 148mm x 40mm x ø12, 150mm x 50mm x ø12, 57mm x 55mm x ø8, 87mm x 55mm x ø8, 102mm x 55mm x ø10, 102mm x 55mm x ø12, 152mm x 55mm x ø12, 177mm x 55mm x ø12, 108mm x 70mm x ø12, 158mm x 70mm x ø12, 183mm x 70mm x ø12, 111mm x 70mm x ø16, 161mm x 70mm x ø16, 186mm x 70mm x ø16, 236mm x 70mm x ø16, 119mm x 100mm x ø16, 169mm x 100mm x ø16, 194mm x 100mm x ø16, 244mm x 100mm x ø16, 175mm x 100mm x ø20, 200mm x 100mm x ø20, 250mm x 100mm x ø20, 179mm x 100mm x ø24, 204mm x 100mm x ø24, 254mm x 100mm x ø24, 304mm x 100mm x ø24



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