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Rain Chain
(Kusari Doi)

Rain Chain  - 60 x 6mm
Part No: JSNR01
Grade: 316 Help
Price per metre:
42.35  each + vat
JSNR01 Rain Chain
JSNR01 Rain Chain
WARNING: Dimensions can vary

Optional reducing funnel: Optional reducing funnel drawing: Example of bar fixing:
Funnel Drawing
Bar fixing
Example Video:
Some examples of an installed rain chain:
Installed Rain Chain
Installed Rain Chain
Installed Rain Chain

ADVISORY WARNING - Some dimensions on this website may vary from actual product. We recommend you do not drill any fixing holes, or prepare the installation area in any way prior to size confirmation by us, or receipt of product. This is due to the fact we source many items internationally from various suppliers with various sizes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and always endeavour to provide the customer with as much correct information about our products as possible prior to sale.

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