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Introducing our premium collection of stainless steel rain chain (Kusari Doi) at Just Stainless, where function meets artistry in perfect harmony. Crafted with precision and designed for enduring elegance, our collection offers a stylish and efficient solution for transforming rainwater into a captivating visual display.

Explore the seamless integration of form and function in our meticulously crafted stainless steel rain chains. From sleek and modern designs that enhance contemporary outdoor spaces to timeless and intricate options for traditional settings, our collection caters to a variety of aesthetic preferences. Each rain chain is a testament to the exceptional qualities of stainless steel—resilience, corrosion resistance, and a polished finish that captures attention.

Choose from a variety of styles and configurations within our collection, each engineered to enhance the beauty of rainwater cascading down. Our stainless steel rain chains not only serve the practical purpose of guiding rainwater from the roof to the ground but also add a unique and artistic touch to your outdoor landscape.

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(Kusari Doi)

Optional reducing funnel:

Optional reducing funnel drawing:

Example of bar fixing:

Some examples of a rain chain installed:

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  • Rain Chain

    SKU: JSNR01
    Sizeø60 x 6mm
    MaterialStainless Steel
    £50.82 inc VAT - £42.35 exc VAT
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  • Rain Chain Bar Fixing

    SKU: JSNR03
    FinishSee Image
    MaterialStainless Steel
    £12.00 inc VAT - £10.00 exc VAT
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  • Rain Chain Reducing Funnel

    SKU: JSNR02
    MaterialStainless Steel
    £210.00 inc VAT - £175.00 exc VAT
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