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Formed Section

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Stainless Steel Formed Section, 316 grade


Please Note: This is a new product that we do not yet stock and these need to be made on demand. Because of this we can only accept a minimum order quantity of 500 metres of each section.


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41.3mm x 41.3mm, 41.3mm x 21mm, 41.3mm x 10.66mm, 19.35mm x 13mm, 12.92mm x 9.8mm, 42mm x 2mm, 38mm x 13mm, 13mm x 12.7mm, 10mm x 8mm, 52.2mm x 9.5mm, 15.9mm x 20mm, 20mm x 14.1mm, 30mm x 28mm, 32mm x 9.23mm, 22.2mm x 48.1mm, 122mm x 13.83mm, 107mm x 13.83mm, 10mm x 30mm, 13.52mm x 6mm, 18.2mm x 3.2mm, 9mm x 35mm